dimanche 16 août 2009

Mysteryptc its a scam

Mysteryptc claim to pay a massive $1 per Ad clicked and $10 per sign up, also paying 50% of down line earnings as a free member and even more as a golden member. When you reach over the payout threshold of $1000, they are supposed to pay on request by either Paypal or Alertpay.
At Mysteryptc, you can purchase advertising as little as $3 for 1000 hits. Please correct me if I am wrong... The adverser pays only $3 for 1000 hits, however the viewer gets paid 10 cents per view. Anyone knows how much that is that they are paying everyoneto view these 1000 hits? Lets math that out...
1000 x$ .10--------------=$100.00So the advertiser pays only $3. So where are they getting the other $97 from?!!How are they paying you for this??
I have read in the terms and conditions of mysteryptc and it does clearly state that it takes 60 business days (which is about 12 weeks) for payment which I suspect buys them plenty of time to send out excuses while earning maximum profits from people wasting their time reading Ads for nothing as well as perhaps paying for golden membership or even paid referrals. When things get hot when too many members are complaining about late payments and new membership start dwindling due to bad publicity and saturation, they will probably disappear altogether to start another sister site to scam people all over again. What’s even more worrying is the following in the terms and conditions, “All earnings listed and/or represented by mysteryptc.com are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice”. Well surely this means they could say that $1000 is an estimated amount and sorry, but we are only paying $1 as that’s what it’s really worth? They also say that they can change the terms and conditions at any time, which means they can effectively do anything they want to.
We will now see if I’m correct and if they are in fact a scam site, I will also say sorry if I’m wrong too and will be very surprised if this is the case. If I’m right and it is a scam, please don’t waste your time or money on paid memberships as I don’t lie, we will have wasted our time on this pay to click site so you don’t have to.http://www.mysteryptc.com

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  1. I agree with you. i waited for four monthes to them to pay me, and i'm still waitting..

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    1. Да,я здесь с вами согласен. Я там есть и это реально.

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  4. RecSir
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    Payouts are based on the income that the site makes each month. Account earnings are not actual earnings, they are called mystery bucks which is simply a basis to decide what you've earned, depending upon what the site makes. Once a payout request is made, it will be recalculated based on the current value of a mystery buck at the time of that payout. Payouts are figured up by the month before income. Payouts are done on after the 15th. You must have your full name listed and click least once a week to be eligibl
    allmoste rpalay
    INDIA Date:22/05/2011

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